About Us

    From big city lights, to small town simplicity, and all of the open fields and coastlines in between, Ribbons and Rows is a ladies’ lifestyle brand that exists to celebrate the American lifestyle that we all know and love! Though we may live in different states or regions, we share so many of the same traditions and pastimes. Whether it’s attending a college football game at our Alma Mater, spending a Saturday out on the boat, or leisurely biking around our favorite vacation spot, we all live our lives defined by our passions and adventures.

     Ribbons and Rows began with the original idea of capturing the American lifestyle through fun, hand-sketched t-shirt designs for the American lady of all ages. Since it’s inception, we’ve wanted Ribbons and Rows to be a celebration of the fact that we are all free to live the American Dream. Though that Dream is something different to each and every one of us, the common thread is this great nation that we all call home!

     So where does our name come from? We like to think that the American flag is made out of red and white ribbons for it’s stripes, and rows and rows of bright stars! Our name is our own unique symbolism of the American flag, and with our designs reflecting our American lifestyle; we thought Ribbons and Rows was more than appropriate.